Jerry M. Hultin

Jerry M. Hultin

Mr. Hultinis a Senior Presidential Fellow at New York University, focusing on creativity and innovation throughout NYU’s global network. From 2005 to 2013, Mr. Hultin served as President of Polytechnic University. As president of Polytechnic, he led the university’s merger with NYU and developed world-recognized programs in entrepreneurship and innovation. Prior to this, he was Dean of Stevens Institute of Technology’s School of Technology Management.

Earlier in his career, he served as President Bill Clinton’s Under Secretary of the Navy, where he led the “Revolution in Business Affairs”and chaired the National Defense University’s comprehensive study of national security and globalization.

Mr. Hultin is the Chairman of the Global Advisory Board of :


  • The Smart City World Expo Congress
  • Vice-Chairman of India’s One Globe Summit
  • Member of the Global Science
  • Innovation Action Council for the Prime Minister of Malaysia

Mr. Hultin graduated from Yale Law School and Ohio State University.