Membership types

GYIN Member

Any young person between 18 to 35 years old who has completed the GYIN Network online or hard copy registration process.

GYIN Ambassador

Any young person between 18 to 35 years old, selected from members of the network after a competitive process based on predefined criteria.

GYIN Mentor

Any member or ambassador who has already participated actively in the network activities or willing to be part of the GYIN Mentorship Program. These competencies should be demonstrated by competencies or expertise enabling the achievement of one or many GYIN projects.

GYIN Role Model

Any member or ambassador who has established a business, project and/or organization and whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by GYIN.

GYIN Coach

Anyone willing to provide GYIN with valuable advice, coaching services, and connections.

GYIN Administrative Officer

Any professional volunteer to aid the National Coordinator, by performing such office services and procedures as the supervision, maintenance, and control of the flow of work and programs, personnel, budgeting, records, etc., for GYIN.

GYIN External pro-bono consultant

Any individual or organization paid by GYIN to provide technical assistance for the implementation and development of activities.

GYIN Sponsor

Any individual or organization that is providing GYIN constituents with technical, financial or in-kind support.

GYIN Partner

Any individual or organization that believes in GYIN’s mission, embodies GYIN values and approach, and accompanies GYIN on its journey of creating youth enterprises.

GYIN Advocate

Any individual or organization that believes in GYIN’s mission and is willing to become a GYIN spokesperson.

GYINer Magazine Youth Writer

A volunteer, youth writer committed to provide clear and concise content for The GYINer Magazine on a quarterly basis. All youth writers must provide feature articles related to the theme of the magazine.

GYINer Magazine Contributor

A volunteer writer who contributes clear and concise content to The GYINer Magazine at least twice a year.

GYIN Board of Trustees

Any elected person by the Board of Directors. They have the responsibility to set policy for GYIN in accordance with all applicable laws and to ensure that the policies are implemented.

GYIN Fellow

Anyone who wants to contribute to our activities and learn about youth entrepreneurship, innovation, agribusiness, leadership around the fellow.