Our Objectives

As partners to youth programs, we have too often approached the youth as students that need to be taught by “us”, the wiser, the more experienced, the ones who “know best”. Youth have their own ideas, and unique sets of skills and talents. They must be included in creating their growth, rather than us dictating their path. GYIN is a youth-led initiative, where the youth will control the goals, the activities, and will set the agenda for progress and development. We will facilitate and provide support but not control the agenda or outcome.

To have a sustainable youth-led initiative, we must:

1) observe rather than control the process;

2) let youth take leadership;

3) follow their pace;

4) remain patient as the youth are working;

5) realize that their work is always in progress, never complete; and

6) facilitate, coach, mentor and/or support when appropriate.


To train youth leaders capable of creating sustainable businesses that are more resilient to climate change, environmental degradation, and market transformation.


To contribute directly to the reduction of poverty through raising incomes of young smallholder farmers in rural areas.


To ggive rural youth the skills to manage profitable, sustainable, and resilient farm and non-farm enterprises.


To research the characteristics of enabling environments and empowering, rural youth to articulate these needs to institutions and policy makers.

Community & Partnership

To develop public/private partnership building activities and support of youth advocates allowing rural youth and organizations to influence policies and institutions that affect their livelihoods.

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