What is GYIN ?

The Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) is a fully youth inspired and youth led network for young entrepreneurs and micro-enterprisers who are passionate about seeing generational transformations within their own communities from the grassroots to the global level. As a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, GYIN has grown to include more than 6000 young hunger fighters, change agents, and innovators across the globe in 88 countries with 59 chapters and 29 operations. This number is growing each year as GYIN reaches more youths across the world.

With an established and effective global network, GYIN provides mentorship, knowledge sharing, and collaboration platforms for both disadvantaged urban and rural youth entrepreneurs as well as inner city youths impacts by the rapidly changing global eco-system. GYIN has created our Global Youth Business Incubation platform to give youths with innovative ideas, business concepts and small enterprises to connect with global companies, corporations, foundations and academic institutions who are looking for businesses or ideas to invest in or fund as a start-up capital. By giving youth the opportunity to capitalize on GYIN’s global network as well as the innovative platform—GYBI—GYIN is prioritizing the ideas and taking into account the wishes and desires of many young women and men. It also recognizes the need to provide a continuous “space” by further expanding the GYIN platform.

Our global mission is to create an enabling environment where marginalized young women and men innovate to overcome poverty, fight hunger, and build healthy communities through provision of research, skill development, and financial services and venture creation. Our core values of Accountability, Network, Trust, Empowerment, Respect and Self-reliance are transparently implemented at every level of our engagement with the youth as well as our partners, donors and sponsors. As such, GYIN endeavors to develop evidence-based, sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and leadership programs and policies that address the root causes of youth unemployment while increasing the opportunities young people have to obtain a decent job or start a successfully sustainable business. To further address these endeavors, GYIN hosts an annual three-day summit called Youth Agribusiness, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Summit on Innovation –YALESI.

Moreover; GYIN focuses on empowering and developing young farmers and rural entrepreneurs to create an economic asset based network. It specifically builds and/or expands rural youth businesses, provides training, improves knowledge management and dissemination, links business activities, and develops resilient farm and non-farm enterprises designed to directly contribute to the reduction of rural poverty by generating incomes and creating decent work opportunities. Along with the aforementioned, GYIN partners with local organizations to build the capacities of youths, youth organizations, and local financial institutions to create employment opportunities for youth. In doing so, GYIN identifies youth services gaps and deliver entrepreneurial & hands-on experimental training programs and youth inclusive financial and non-financial products. As such, GYIN unlocks the potentials of everyone involved.

Adamantly underlining that critical problems can be solved only if we enlist those who need support as partners to do the work needed, GYIN believes that sustainability can then become the basis for proposing mechanisms that advance the general well-being and reverse the escalating disparity in socio-economic backgrounds. GYIN is a singular youth-led initiative focused on promoting youth dialogue and fostering the development of youth entrepreneurship with advocacy at all levels—essentially creating a seat at the table for youth to have a voice on issues that matter to them most.

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