Youth employment and hunger are two key issues that have been impacted by the economic crisis. This is particularly true for youth living in developing countries, representing 85% of the world youth. In an attempt to address these issues, GYIN has initiated its second Global Youth Summit called Youth Agribusiness, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship Summit on Innovation (YALESI). The summit prioritizes young people’s needs, takes into consideration of their developmental gaps, and including underserved populations, such as girls, to an effective and inclusive employment strategy.


The purpose of the summit is to create an enabling environment under which young people will not be scapegoats for the growing global challenges; a place where we recognize that addressing inequality as well as migration integration is a two-way process; a place where the youth can be nurtured, equipped, raised and supported to fight hunger, create jobs, and develop sustainable communities in the 100 countries where GYIN operates. Furthermore, it seeks to create a conversation around the context of the migration crisis in Europe and Africa and, provide a safe space where organizations, governments, corporations and refugees come together to identify and discuss strategies to confront the crisis. 


All YALESI summit are designed as the place to meet tomorrow’s business leaders, talented individuals, and thinkers who are embarking on their journey. We want to challenge the status quo perceptions as they relate to youth, youth livelihoods and migrants by giving the various crisis the global communities are faced with a human face and presenting the many benefits they bring by sharing success stories and lessons learned from their pursuits. The aim overall is to learn and share how young women and men, especially those within disenfranchised populations are increasingly acquiring new capacities and developing innovative solutions to transform themselves as Hunger Fighters, Job Creators, Innovators, and Change Agents. We want the outcome of the summit to be an alternative approach to dealing with disenfranchised populations, in particular, the youth globally and youth of the migration crisis by making young refugees a part of the conversation and solution.


  • To learn and share proven innovative practices that support the scaling and replication of successful youth-led enterprises.
  • To present products and practices on entrepreneurial innovation, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution based trainings, mentorship, advisory, and partnerships that lead to job creation for our young people.
  • To provide the youth with the space to:
    - participate in ongoing panel discussions on youth related policies and conversations,
    - attend various types of creative, design, and leadership workshops,
    - empower themselves to work together and network with organizations in attendance to collectively define the next steps for   themselves and GYIN and present it at the end of the summit.
  •  To build the capacity of nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies to enable young women and men to be involved in policies and programs that impacts their lives and their livelihoods.


To learn more about YALESI visit www.yalesi.org