Press Release: 2nd Edition of the Land of African Business Meetings

Press release, October 20, 2016

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October 19-23

2nd Edition of the Land of African Business Meetings

The Land of African Business—LAB— is proud to announce the Second Edition of its forum and the signing of new strategical partnerships. (Visit to learn more about the event and register.)

The annual meetings of the Land of African Business will be held from October 19 to 23 in Paris, 6th Arrondissement, at Hotel de l’Industrie. During 5 days, through conferences, testimonies and meetings, the LAB will highlight the innovative solutions for a change in favour of a more inclusive development path in Africa.

The LAB will welcome, amongst others, Bruno Benasson, Executive Director of the Africa Business Unit of Engie, Chams Diagne, founder of the recruitment social network Talent2Africa, Vérone Mankou, founder of the VMK Company – main mobile phones producer in central Africa -, Pape Samb, founder of the networking incubator Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN), Lionel Zinsou, Co-Chairman of the AfricaFrance foundation and many other speakers.

For this edition, the LAB signed prestigious partnerships with Atos, the worldwide digital leader, Canal+, main French private TV network which market is expanding in Africa, CFAO, Distributor of brands, leader in specialized distribution in Africa and French overseas collectivities, Engie, main energy international actor, and the The Society of Encouragement to the National Industry (SEIN).

The LAB also engaged in an exclusive partnership with GYIN, youth inspired and led network for youth entrepreneurs and rural micro-enterprises who are committed to act as hunger fighters, change agents, and innovators, driven by the passion to see generational transformations and changes from the grassroots to the global level. The LAB in partnership with GYIN will host an event on October 21, 2016, collaboratively, to launch GYIN France as well as give an award in honor of GYIN’s partnership with Land of African Business (LAB).

The weekend of October 22-23 will be dedicated to the ARA presentation – African Rethink Awards. Every African start-up, defrayed by the LAB, will present its business model to an international investors audience. The winners will get a development support for their company during one year.

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land-of-african-businessAbout LAB: Established in 2014 by Eric Bazin, the Land of African Business acquired a strong international recognition thanks to its first edition during the COP21 in Paris. Those first meetings brought together more than 3000 participants and 40 nationalities. For this second edition in October 2016, the LAB aims to continue and enhance the exchanges and meetings, while valuing the African solutions prior to the holding of COP22 in Marrakesh.



About GYIN: The Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) has established the basis of an effective networking, mentorship, knowledge sharing, and collaboration platform for both poor urban and rural youth entrepreneurs. By capitalizing on this innovative idea and taking into account the wishes and desires of many rural young women and men, we recognized the need to provide a continuous “space” by establishing a platform now known as GYIN.

GYIN seeks to develop evidence-based, sustainable, scalable, and cost-effective agribusiness, entrepreneurship, and leadership programs and policies that address the root causes of youth unemployment, while increasing the opportunities young people have to obtain a decent job or start a successful business.

GYIN focuses on empowering and developing young farmers and rural entrepreneurs to create an economic asset base network. It specifically builds and/or expands rural youth businesses, provides training, improves knowledge management and dissemination, links business activities, and develops resilient farm and non-farm enterprises designed to directly contribute to the reduction of rural poverty by generating incomes and creating decent work opportunities.

GYIN also helps build the capacity of youth, youth organizations, and local financial institutions to create employment opportunities for youth. Furthermore; we identify youth services gaps and deliver entrepreneurial experimental training programs and youth inclusive financial and non-financial products.

Through the linking of youth knowledge creation and social venture creation we speed the conversion of ideas into market ready enterprises. Thus; helping pair youth entrepreneurs and leaders across sectors and industries to promote the growth and success of youth enterprises and revitalize large corporations through partnerships with innovative community enterprises.

GYIN improves the match between youth education and employment opportunities through apprenticeships and other education industry links, including new structures for schooling. It is also involved in developing national strategies and conceive products and markets that build on local youth assets and attract new investments.


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